Life: The Escape Room

We traverse the world through a series of Escape Rooms.  

Before we’ve even entered into this reality, we’ve already faced our first escape room. The womb. You get a few muffled clues and prods letting you know there something outside. There’s a mysterious door on one side of the room. 

Sorry baby. No hints.

Finally, you build up the courage to try the latch. You wiggle out of a collapsing cocoon. Now you find yourself in a bigger escape room, the brightly lit birthing suite. There are four walls and ceiling to stare at. A mysterious woman in a mask. How do I escape this tightly wrapped blanket and this room?

You see a couple of people who kind of look like you. They appear exhausted but happy. Maybe they have hints to offer.

Over a lifetime you seek clues as to why you wound up here. Why you have the flaws you do. Check out ancient texts and cave paintings to see if those who solved the escape room centuries ago left any inkling of what drawer to look in. Which painting to look behind.

At each stage of life, we hopefully solve the puzzle and are granted a bigger and more complex escape room. Puberty, adulthood, marriage, parenthood. And then the exit rooms get smaller again as we go gray. 

Baby being born.
Try every door.

Many of us see a bright light at the start of our lives and at the end. Perhaps bright lights signify the transition into the next stage. 

We get wrapped up in solving the most recent and urgent puzzles, we sometimes forget to consider the bigger questions. Where did we escape from to enter this life? Where do we escape to when we leave?

You have a time limit to solve this puzzle. Make the most of each clue and, if you can, leave a clue or two for the next group to come through.

This Escape Room article is meant for humans. If you are an artificial lifeform, a robot or an android (no judgment), my other article on existence is geared more towards your experience. That article ponders whether a robot has to believe in a creator. Part of it was the inspiration for this article. You can find it here.

Published by scottsentell20

Lifelong writer and coffee shop journaling champion. Content creator. Deep-Thought Diver. Hikes with dogs to learn their secrets to life. Likes the silence found on mountaintops and the peace that collects along the banks of small streams. I read old sci-fi novels to understand current events. Scott has roots in Alaska, Spokane, and North Carolina.

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