Author seeking inspiration sits on cliff overlooking circle of mountain peaks.

Overheard on a Mountaintop

Overheard on a Mountaintop

Overheard on a Mountaintop

Welcome to my spot on the mountainside…

Join me on my rock. We’ve got a warm spot right here in the sun. If you’re quiet you can hear the wind stream through the treetops below. At times it can sound like a symphony orchestra warming-up. And sometimes you’ll overhear something else remarkable. Some of the secrets of existence are murmured here, if you strain to listen.

My views are my own. I have no medical or mental health training. I write about my experiences in the hopes someone else may gain some insight from them. The answers and insights I’ve found won’t speak to everyone, but perhaps my journey will inspire you to pop the hood on your own brain and see what powers your experiences.


Overheard views…

Creekside Meditations

How does the creek bed support such a torrent of water and not get washed away. It’s something to ponder as you meditate alongside a gurgling creek.

Bird Feeder Meditations

Staring at your bird feeder can prove entertaining. It can also be meditative. Here are some tips for seeing your backyard through the eyes of your feathered friends.

Giving The People In Your Life A Win

People in your life won’t always meet your expectations. But before you eject them, consider their intentions. If they truly strive to please you, there’s value in that. It may be worth giving them a preemptive win and another chance.

When the Path Curves Out of Sight

So many of us ignore a trailhead or an arrow pointing the way in our lives. We want to know what lies miles down the trail, but life will rarely give us that type of clarity.

Life: The Escape Room

Our lives might be an Escape Room. You leave the womb to find yourself trapped in a brightly lit hospital room. You only have a limited time to gather clues and solve the riddle. But where do we escape to?

All Fish Go To Heaven

We can all get hooked and pulled from our reality for a moment. We might have to face a new reality, just like a fish on a line.

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