All Fish Go To Heaven

Nanosecond Inspirations: Quick Brainstorms that may enlighten, engage, or bore you.

To fish, water is a universe. Stretches of growth and light, layers of nothingness. And just like a fish can be hooked and plucked from a universe, agape in the air and sun for a moment, so too can humans.

A car crash, a diagnosis, a catastrophe, a supernatural experience, a broken heart, a hook with a worm; the trigger to suddenly pull us out of reality on a line. To stare helplessly at a realm we weren’t shaped for.  

We struggle but remain powerless to escape the bottom of that boat. The decision to be tossed back into the surf lies with someone else. Sometimes returned worse for wear, but with a glimpse of the infinite to carry the rest of the way.

The fish, the human, to continue the journey aware of the surface that lies overhead and knowing it is, at times, permeable.

Published by scottsentell20

Lifelong writer and coffee shop journaling champion. Content creator. Deep-Thought Diver. Hikes with dogs to learn their secrets to life. Likes the silence found on mountaintops and the peace that collects along the banks of small streams. I read old sci-fi novels to understand current events. Scott has roots in Alaska, Spokane, and North Carolina.

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